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why yes your majesty~
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look alive, sunshine

~★ Kezi / Ayria | ♒ | 18 |demisexual panromantic flag by DeathsCallingCard ★~
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Geronimo - Sheppard

Christmas Tree by GasaraRarest and Most Beautiful by ashestoVery Much Loved Stamp ~ by Lill-Devil-MeliiRudolph by Gasara
Pokemon, Harry Potter, Homestuck, Hannibal, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Ghibli, Tim Burton, SNK, SAO, DMMD, Free!, FNAF, WTNV, American Horror Story, Gravity Falls, Peace Tea, thunderstorms, star gazing, adventuring, you

close-minded people, tomatoes, insects

current mood: hella fine B)

Only The Coolest Box On Earth.

You've been my other half for a solid nine years.
Can you believe that?
You have shaped me into the person I am today more than you think. I wouldn't be an artist without you, I wouldn't be anything like I am today. I wouldn't be me. I am one of the luckiest people out there to have you as my best friend because you are such an amazing person. You are one of the nicest, caring, and compassionate people I know. You value everyone else's happiness over your own and that isn't something that you ever see. You deserve the whole wide world for being you. I couldn't imagine my life if I had never met you and befriended you. I wouldn't want to imagine it, either. I love you five-ever and hope that I'm lucky enough to continue making memories with my Pretzel.
Yo mah main nigga fo lyf, yo.
Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Left Side by EnnyriBananalligatorStuff for Profile : Hearts_Right Side by Ennyri

for the most darling person i've ever known

You, my dear, are the world's most darling person I've ever met. I've known you all of 6 years and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Those years have been exponentially better because of you. I feel like without you I never would have made it in Pennsylvannia. You befriended me and suddenly this new place wasn't so bad. Even in the little moments we first met I knew we were going to be close. It felt like I had known you forever and that hasn't changed. You know me inside-out, even though we don't talk everyday or even weekly. When we are together everything is a wistful blur of hilarity and fun. We spend hours into the night laughing and doodling and talking about our lives. I can be completely honest with you and I trust with everything. Darlin', I trust you with my life. You are my sister, and the most perfect sister I could have wished for. You are so compassionate it's silly, you are so kind that it's unnerving, you are so gorgeous I may die, so talented I want to faint. You make me smile when no one can, laugh when I want to cry, and make my day just with a "hey there!" You are everything that I want to be. You are my best friend, my sister, and my other half. I wouldn't trade the days, weeks, months, or years of friendship we've had for the world. You've stayed with me through it all even when others wouldn't. Thank you, Kezi, for saying to me in June 6 years ago, "Do you like xweetoks?!" For that and into infinity and beyond, I thank you. I love you Kezi ~ Best Friends For Life And Eternity c;
~Emi (ZayraMoonshimmer)

testingg /sick beats

Imagine Dragons Stamp by gelatineuseAll Time Low Stamp by Kalya98fall out boy stamp by mokkouMarina and the Diamonds Stamp by saskikikaGhost Town Stamp by AYRlAEd Sheeran stamp by stamperedMumford and Sons Stamp by RandomTonsMCR stamp 2.0 by Denorii



Help me pick a new tumblr url and I'll draw you something <: 

2 deviants said I want it to be Christmas or winter themed~ //maybe even a christmas mixed with Hannibal themed <:
No deviants said comment below with suggestions please c:
No deviants said I'll draw you a flat or something if I pick yours <3


sing it for the world

Commish | Art Trades | Requests
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Snowman by Gasara Gingerbread Man by Gasara
~★To Do List★~
Work Schedule: 5 p.m. - 5 a.m. weekends
(fursuit stuff) 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. weekdays

Goal(s): 3DS XL for my little bro - 50/180
~★Owed To Me★~

the kids from yesterday

real life bros

rad online peeps

hacked (for the bae wow)

Oh my goodness, where do I even start? We've only really known each other for about two years now, but boy do we have a ton of memories. It all started out with me cosplaying as a faun aradia and you asking about homestuck. It's pretty funny how we've bloomed from homestuck, to now being furry nerds. I can't help myself, but smile because you met me at a pretty low part of my life, and reminded me about how hecka cute I am and brought me out of the muck and grime of what I was going through. You've helped me through a lot man. Just talking to you brings a smile to my face, and I feel comfortable when you're around, and not many have the title of that. I'm so happy we're such great friends, you mean so much to me. You're my #1 bae B) This is all ooey gooey so I'm going to end this with, ur such a nerd wow.
ps i can't wait until we both fursuit together and be tru furry trash
Dew and Oblivion Linked Icon by LittleAlester
Ghost Divider by Annanxo8bitsaberGhost Divider by Annanxo

icon army >:0

AyriaMoonshimmer icon by Fenny-FangMy Milkshakes Brings All The Boys To The Yard by dogiixNight sky by reidishCute by DickinAround Game Ayria by Lyme-Pretz p!atd lyric by jeIIycati'll be your sky by hoqwarts

Paradox and Oblivion
AYRIA icon by QueenBirb [contest prize] bananalligator 3/3 by samiesaurusboats and birds by hoqwartsDew and Oblivion Linked Icon by LittleAlester

Pink Toes In The Sand. by CookieBleu(PM 1/2) AYRlA by Fruit-Batz we are the warriors that built this town by lemon-toffee

Peachwing and Mystshimmer
(PC 2/2) AYRlA by Fruit-Batz Meow by pampd Icon for AyriaMoonshimmer by hikari2314Mystshimmer Icon by Drache-Lehre

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